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Welcome to a new range of C&C cages based in the UK. Having experience of providing high quality accessories for these cages through our sister site CandE Cosies we have taken the step to sell the cages themselves. Having seen the markup some companies charge and the fact they are not genuinely based in the UK, we felt we could offer customers a more affordable experience.

Happy Guinea PigI have huge experience with both guinea pigs, as well as other small animals, and operating online businesses. Along with my partner Elaine, owner of CandE Cosies, we have been providing guinea pig owners with fantastic products in the form of Zorb® based Cage Liners, hammocks, hides, tunnels, sacks and even Forage. In fact, Elaine was the first in the UK to use Zorb® in all of her cage liners! That was quite a commitment to make. Quickly pop over and see her reviews to see what a good job we have done! With many years experience and not much we don't know about guinea pigs we had to put on hold supplying cages thanks to our own arrivals. Earlier in 2021 an opportunity arose.

Pink Search Icon Similar to a Magnifying GlassWe searched extensively to find high quality manufacturers who were willing to work with us and supply us exactly what we wanted. We also used our own experience and ideas to being C&C cages at more affordable prices compared to other retailers supplying the UK. We researched around the UK and realised there were only 2 or 3 other companies dedicated to selling to the small animal market. Sadly, the costs on these sites seemed much bigger than necessary and we noticed some clever marketing tricks being used to convince people they were getting something "better" or "new" or "necessary". Also, we also noticed one in particular who are not even a UK based company despite giving the impression they are.

Are Cage Creations really any different? Surely you are a business and all about profit? Of course we want to make a profit as we need to pay bills etc. We are a family with 4 children, a house, guinea pigs, a cat and even some fish 😀 However, we want to provide people with great quality cages, easy to assemble high quality correx bases, affordable add-ons to help you expand your cages and even some new to the UK items. We also want to do all this whilst keeping our prices as low as we feasibly can. With all this in mind we are the only company in the UK, at the time of writing, supplying double ramp lofts (Zoomies), portal grids, Hay Barns and kitchen areas. All of that and saving you up to 50% compared to our competitors. What's not to love? ❤️

Cage Creations LogoStarting a new business is a huge commitment, one we are intent on maximising, but it does means we have had to compromise a little to start with. So we are starting off with supplying only black correx but in time will be able to supply other colours as our supplier can do a big range of colours when we require. However we know that with the accessories you can buy, from CandE Cosies, such as fleece cage liners, hammocks, hides etc then it gives a good backdrop to introducing these beautiful items.

So, a quick summary of us. We are new to supplying cages but have been around since 2012/2013. We are completely based in the UK and all our stock and facilities are based here. We are not all about "pretty" websites and clever marketing. We are about high quality products, affordable prices, honesty and great service. So, give us a try.

Thank you for joining us and please take a look around. We are sure you'll find something you and your piggies will like. If you have any questions then please do get in touch by emailing us at


Dave (and Elaine too)

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